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Locally Owned and Family-Operated

All of us here have a love of fishing and the outdoors and that is a passion we want to share with you. Whether you have been fishing for years, have never picked up a rod before, or are looking for that perfect gift to take back home, we are here for every step of your journey.

We primarily sell fishing gear but have now expanded into clothing, giftware/souvenirs, ammunition, hunting and camping accessories. Brands include Simms, Gibbs, Penn, Ugly Stick, Federal Ammunition, Under Armour, Still North Design, Hatley, Led Lenser, Leatherman, SOG and Kelty.

Kitimat’s original hand-tied barbless marabou salmon jig is exclusive to our store and when you pay us a visit, you are likely going to see one of us sitting at our table tying away.


Whether fishing the river, lake, or ocean, a fishing license is one of those must-haves. Licenses can be purchased online or through any licensed vendor. Here at Bradley’s, we want to make your fishing adventures as easy as possible, we are licensed to sell both freshwater and saltwater licenses. If you have an old license bring it along to make things move a little quicker.

Purchase your fishing licenses online:


Knowing your regulations is a must when it comes to fishing. Not knowing is no excuse. Follow the links to get up-to-date information.

River Regulations

Ocean Regulations

Salmon Head Recovery ProgramIf you catch a hatchery chinook or coho, save the head and bring it down to our store. We will then pass them on to the Salmon Recovery Program! This is an important program that will help answer lots of questions and aid Salmon Fisheries in the future.  /Learn More

Video: Fishing BC Presents, Kitimat Salt and Freshwater Fishing

Identify Your Catch

Learn how to identify fish from this resource by Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Who's who in the water

How well do you know your fish species?

Transporting Your Catch

When it comes to transporting your catch, there is so much misinformation out there that we have tried to make it easy. Below are all the links you may need to determine how to comply with all the correct transport rules and regulations. Remember, being misinformed is no excuse.

Bradley’s has a free fish freezing service, along with supplies for all packing needs. We have styrofoam coolers, wax liners, and dry ice available for purchase. All are airline compliant products. Call 250-632-2646 (COHO) for more information.

Tides Tables for Kitimat

The Tide Tables provide predicted times and heights of the high and low waters associated with the vertical movement of the tide. The tide predictions are available in table, graphic and text formats for over seven hundred stations in Canada.

The Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) provides Canadians with timely information and updates to current water levels activity including tidal prediction data – so you can prepare, be proactive, and chart your own course safely.

Fishing in Kitimat happens year-round

Access to water surrounds us here, check out our river, channel or head down the highway to hit up Lakelse Lake. Whether you’re fishing trout and steelhead or salmon, you are sure to have a blast!


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